a bunch of words

A bunch of words were spoken
To these, his reply was but a token
For such trifling actions
Words like these need not be spoken
So he just stood there, his mind shaken
Hands spread out in open wonder
How could what he’d done arouse such anger
And then his eyes cloud with tears
As his mind with dawning understanding
It was not what he’d done
It was who he was
Or who they thought he was
More precisely,
The stereotype they would have him be

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8 thoughts on “a bunch of words

  1. olaronke

    At first i smiled with understanding…then my eyes clouded with confusion…


    • 🙂 I like the way you used the word “clouded”, reminds me of my use of the word “cloud” in this piece. It’s a poem; it would detract from the fun if I made it too easy to decipher, don’t you think?


  2. Amaka

    How can a guy cry because he has been misunderstood? That’s so not manly. And kume please tell me, which guy do you know would cry because he hass been misunderstood! Or is it you?


    • Amaka, men do cry. And frankly, it takes a secure and very manly man to cry openly and sincerely. I wish the character in this poem had actually cried, but no, he didn’t. His eyes became clouded with tears or in more popular language, “misted over with tears”. You know that effect where tears involuntarily gather on your eyeballs and then you can decide to hold them back or allow them gather until the tear drops fall? That’s what happened to him.
      And for me, it’s been long I cried. I got so concerned about it at some point that I began to feel I’d lost a part of my humanity. But i’m okay with it now.


  3. ellamaris

    Many at times, relationships fail not because of what was done or what was not done but because someone concorted an imagery of what the other person should be like, what he should do, where she should go and what she must not do, putting that person in a box- stereotype. Sadly it hurts, it hurts to the point of tears when you find your friend has placed you in a box you certainly do not belong or below your capabilities or simply overestimating your strenghts…Kume, all I am saying is, I get your point, or so I think.


  4. Amaka

    *sigh* am not saying men never cry kume, rather am saying its highly a MAN would tear up because he is misunderstood. Just like a man tearing up for a broken nail, it shows such guy well you know! I think we women should weep for being misunderstood? Don’t you think? Eh! (Sarcasm by the way). Tearing up for what -___-. We all get misunderstood at some point, you don’t see the men population tearing up now do you


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