Fight & Flight

Persuaded?It wasn’t meant to sting, but it stung nonetheless. Not the whispers behind my back, not the thinly concealed mockery, but the words flung at my face. An accusation begging denial. My breathing comes in short gasps, and I cannot find the words to refute them. The accusations hang in the air, and I let them, sagging my shoulders in shame.

My sigh is one of despair. This is all I can do to stop the groan of sadness rising up within me. My first thought is to run and hide, but that won’t do. Nor will my next thought – to throw caution to the wind and fly like a kite without a home.

“You think too much!” he yells at me, as he unsuccessfully tries to slide his hand between my thighs.
“You need to let go and experience things…” his murmurs meet my unyielding lips.

But he doesn’t understand. Those thoughts, they keep me sane. They hold me together when my imagination threatens to run away with itself. I try to tell him, with tears shimmering in my eyes, with the sadness that brackets my smile, with the way I cross my legs as if guarding treasure.

I try to tell him. To explain to him that I’m scared. Scared of what I would become if I let myself go.

I try so hard to be good and my fails are the greater proportion of my attempts. I believe so deeply, yet how can I convince others when I’m not buying the rap myself?

Now, I tell myself that if I just did this or that, it would get better. Or if I was seeing this person, or even had this thing. But I know the truth – it would make no difference. The resolution is only good for the moment in which it is made.

I’m searching for something, though I know not what it is. Maybe if I knew, I would find it sooner. Still, I doubt that. Maybe if I knew, I wouldn’t even be searching for it.

Search I must though, for that elusive something which seems to hold the key to the dam built around my heart and emotions. If I found it, we would hide the key so that I never know the havoc of which I am capable. And with it of course, my chances of ever knowing complete fulfillment.

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10 thoughts on “Fight & Flight

  1. Hiding the key to the pandora’s box…nice one


  2. gezieonwochei

    Nice piece……still trying to figure out what the key is


  3. ellamaris

    Hmmmmmm, nice and thought provoking. You know, the bulk of us strive so hard to be good simply because, we know what bad we are capable of doing.


  4. Arewadudu

    I had the key to Pandora’s box all this time &didn’t know it. It looked like a button off my mother’s old sweater so I kept it anyway. The day I found the box was the same day I lost the key…
    Thank u for your comments. I’ll be willing to answer questions on this piece and on future posts. Thank u again.


  5. ronke

    At first I thought I could relate, well I can relate to the first part, the part where your thoughts keeps you sane, or where you try to let them…the part where he and probably even you have no idea what you will become if you let go, but in my case, I have a general idea what I will become, maybe not an exact picture, but a general idea. And I know enough to know that if I let go…

    Nice piece sweets.

    Zorro, you are right, her piece is great.


  6. wow. this is awesome. thought provoking. yes.


  7. Arewadudu

    Glad I was of use in provoking your thoughts Ms White. I hope that lasted more than a &thank you.


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