Pitch Dark by Kume Ozoro

Pitch Dark

It’s dark in here, very dark. I didn’t mind much initially because I slept most of the time. But I’m stronger now, so I stay awake a lot more.

The darkness bothers me. I have to sit head facing the floor, and that too is awkward. The sitting; endless hours of sitting.

Sometimes I turn or move around, but mostly I just sit with my head facing the floor.

This is a cramped space by any standard, and it is all the space I have. This space is too tiny to do much in, so I sit and stare. And sometimes I think; like now.

The fare here is just as bad. The things I’m forced to eat. Whose idea was this anyway? Once in the early days I got drunk. It was such a glorious feeling. This is grub, but don’t let them hear that, they call it food.

All I do in this tiny space is sit upside down, kick around sometimes, eat and stare. I sleep every now and again to refresh myself. For what? I don’t know. There’s so much more I could be doing: body building, educating myself on the ways of the world, giving back to society and other whatnots. But you can’t do any of that in this cramped space. No sir!

I’m tired of being here. I just twiddle my thumb and roll around. I don’t even enjoy the kicking. I have been here for too long. How do I get out?

Think. Think.

I love listening to music. I don’t have any preferences – not much of that around here.

I have to get out.

I am going to be here for a long time if they have any say about it. Have to make sure they don’t. Have to get out.

Must think very hard. Think. It’s the easiest thing to do.

I bump into the sac and it vibrates. That might be because of the fluid in here. I have gotten so used it, my only wonder is how it never gets in my eyes.

Just to be sure, I bump into the sac again. It vibrates and this time I know it wasn’t the fluid. I almost jump for joy. But then, I can’t jump in this space.

I try kicking hard with my foot, it moves so suddenly I pee on myself. I don’t bother with that, they will clean me up.

They seem to be agitated by the movements I’m making, so I sit still for a while. I have  a good feeling that this is my way out.

I poke the sac with my finger but nothing happens.

I wait, biding my time; plotting my escape. I know it’s been a day by my meal times. I give them some time to change their mind about keeping me here. They don’t and I know it’s time to move into action.

I feed again and with renewed vigour I begin bumping and kicking. I bump and kick, only stopping to feed. I lose track of the passage of time. I bump and kick hard as I can because my life depends on it.

When I fall out, I don’t know who is more surprised, them or myself. I actually laugh when I realise I’m free. I have been born.

This is so wonderful. I’m a baby, a human baby. And there are so many faces staring at me.

I want to skip, but they soon have me in a bath, scrubbing away at the muck, preparing me for their world.

I don’t know who thought up a womb for people to grow into babies; I sure could have done without the experience. It doesn’t matter now. I’m on my way to doing those great things I’ve only been hearing about: walking, running, school and so much more 😀

antenatal scans

Antenatal Scans Source: http://assets.babycenter.com/

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7 thoughts on “Envelopes

  1. Amaka



  2. amarachi

    at first i thought it was a kidnap or something but when i got to the end i smiled. lovely and very unpredictable story.


  3. amarachi

    although i would have preferred a better title.


    • Amarachi, thanks for dropping by. It gives me a lift every time I see one of your comments. I felt the same way about the title until Arewadudu pointed out the allusion – the womb is like an envelope in that something important gets mailed to you in it, & you never know for certain all it holds in store for you until it is delivered; and then everything changes.


  4. Amaka

    Kume I promise I didn’t. The third paragraph made me suspicious, from the fifth, then I knew it was about child birth. Honestly.


  5. Yeah kinda predictable… maybe cos I have a pregnant cousin right next to me so it was easier to connect the dots. Nice concept, but the quality of delivery (no pun intended lol) dropped towards the end. The title was more like a decoy to me lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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