lost, not found

muddy waters

muddy waters

Like pearls at the bottom of a muddy lake
Flowers beneath shrubbery thorns
Like water trapped in rock
Like gods long forgotten

These memories are a muddy brook
Water that goes nowhere

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Sand in My Whirlwind



Your very existence is elusive, like smoke in dark corridors

With shadows and ashes dancing upon the walls

In a deceptive twirl of distance

Brought about by years of silence and inaction

Dreams with no reaction

Prayers met with no response

And cries failing to elicit succour


So, I watch you dance

And my body seeks to dance with you

You slip through my fingers like water through a net

My watching eyes fill with religious zest

And you keep beckoning me to come forth


So I turn myself to dust and dance with you

Together we whip up the sands into a storm

Together, we all became one; together we thrive



– Omojola Badmus

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Eye of the Storm

If I shared with you my pain

Would you sing me a song

If I showed you my sorrow

Would you give me a hug

When I tell you I love you

Does it make you feel smug


I am just like every other

Unique and yet the same

Born hungry and curious

And yet a little insane

For embracing distinction

My path is one without a name


I trudge on, like those before me

Who have dared

Only a handful ever succeed

At this path we tread

I can still turn around

Still, I refuse to take heed


You will leave me

Like everyone else has

It is as it should be

When, to build a house

One goes homeless

Or lives the night for sunrise

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You. I

What if I’ve failed you a million times?

Have I not then tried more than a million times?

Does it not count

This madness that is my life in search of you

These fails that are me morphing, blooming


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Soul Searching

To see light but not look upon its source
To walk the dark and not be darkened within
To amass wealth and not by it be owned
To be powerful & be not subject to its source

I called and you answered
Summoned and you appeared
Will you do as I command
Or is your will to command

In the absence of your light
My darkened path is all I know
In the embrace of your might
I taste the essence of my very soul

I fall from grace among those to whom I’m known
It is to seek you whom I’ve known
To find myself in your furnace
Fired into your semblance

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Isoko Machete

My lil girl; my mother

My princess; my queen

My foe; my lover

Your life I gave you

Just like you leased mine

I raised you

And that makes all else trite

Fire is mine

The cold of ice, yours

Your blood and mine, upon the anvil altar

Same which pierced you made me falter

To err would flay more than just a finger

My goddess; all that you are, I gave

My slave, whom over me is master

Your living is of my giving

Come fill my soul with laughter

Only we can get inside our inside jokes

Oh! How we love

Future and past become identical brooks

Gripped by this lust

My heart swears it’ll burst

As against it yours is thrust

Forever, we are bound by this trust

Just as blind as you’re bold

Save within my embrace

Your heart is cold

Watching you kill

My soul cannot but relish

The calmness of such skill

Is death not a woman? Only wish

And so easily we match her will

Swish for swish

Your shine, it bears my reflection

Of course; I poured into you my youth

My joy’s height is our interaction

Each an extension of the other

I flow into you, like you with me

Each, the root of the other

I draw from you, like you from me

My goddess, I am your god

Ying and yang? Nah

We twain are one

Like by the streams we lay

When warmth returns in May

Draw blood, my dear

And still them with fearMachete

To me she brings pride

Can a groom be otherwise

About his bride?


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like something lost
not seeking to be found
like something hidden
no clues in this sand

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